Skifska Area Survey

Under an agreement between the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine and Polar Trade & Research Associates Ltd., Polar Trade acquired a new 2D seismic survey in the Skifska area of the Black Sea in 2010. The survey was acquired as a precursor to the 2012 licensing round. RPS Energy provided acquisition and processing QC staff for the survey. A total of some 8,800 line kms was acquired, and provides excellent coverage over the Skifska Area. The survey complements the existing BSR-2005 survey, acquired by Polar Trade & Research Associates Ltd. in 2005.


Data available to license include:

  • Acquisition and Processing and QC Report
  • Gravity and Magnetic Data and Report
  • Final Processed Data
  • PSTM Stacks (near, mid, far, full)
  • PSTM CDP Gathers
  • Velocity and Navigation Data

Download the PDF for further details