Black Sea Regional Data BSR-2005

The BSR-2005 survey was acquired under an agreement with the National Joint Company Naftogaz of Ukraine in 2005. The seismic acquisition was performed by the vessel Professor Polshkov, deploying a 6000 m streamer.

The data are being marketed jointly by Petro Seismic Agency Limited and ERCL. Interested Oil Companies are invited to inspect examples of the data at ERCL offices in the UK.

The BSR-2005 seismic data set consists of 47 lines, totalling 9,875 km of high quality seismic data.

The Black Sea offers exploration opportunities in largely unexplored acreage including deep and ultra-deep water. The regional BSR-2005 survey identifies many large structural and potential stratigraphical hydrocarbon trapping features in an area that is to be opened up for licensing in the near future.


Acquisition Parameters

1. Demultiplexing
2. Further trace edit
3. F-K Filtering
4. Adjacent trace SUM
5. Geometry application
6. Static correction
7. Resample to 4 ms
8. Spherical divergence correction
9. Predictive deconvolution
10. Bandpass filtering
11. First pass velocity analysis
12. WB-multiple suppression
13. Second pass velocity analysis
14. Radon multiple attenuation migration
15. DMO and prestack time migration
16. DMO
17. Stolt prestack time migration
18. Final velocity analysis
19. NMO
20. Muting
21. Stack
22. Stolt demigration
23. Static correction
24. Residual amplitude correction
25. RANDOM noise attenuation
26. Deconvolution
27. Bandpass filter
28. Final time poststack Kirchhoff
29. Display


Contractor Vessel
Sevmorneftegeofizika Professor Polshkov

Type HGS Sleeve Guns (SGIB & SGIIB)
Volume, 3800
SP interval, m 50/25
Source depth, m 5-7Streamer
Type Syntrak 480 Digital Model LDA
Length, m 6000
Group interval, m 12.5
No. of channels 480
Streamer depth, m 7-9Recording
Type MSTS Syntrak 480 - 16
Record length, s 15/ 9
Sample rate, ms 2
Fold 60/120Navigation
RGP Ð 2D v. 3.96



1. Stacked and stacked migrated data in SEGY format
2. Esso V2 stacking velocity data
3. Navigation data in UKOOA format
4. Shot point location map (hardcopy)