Skifska Area Survey

Under an agreement between the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine and Polar Trade & Research Associates Ltd., Polar Trade acquired a new 2D seismic survey in the Skifska area of the Black Sea in 2010. Marketing rights to this survey have now reverted to Petro Seismic Agency. The survey was acquired as a precursor to the 2012 licensing round. RPS Energy provided acquisition and processing QC staff for the survey. A total of some 8,800 line kms was acquired, and provides excellent coverage over the Skifska Area. The survey complements the existing BSR-2005 survey, acquired in 2005.


Data available to license include:

  • Acquisition and Processing and QC Report
  • Gravity and Magnetic Data and Report
  • Final Processed Data
  • PSTM Stacks (near, mid, far, full)
  • PSTM CDP Gathers
  • Velocity and Navigation Data

Download the PDF for further details